Wet Inflatables

Double Splash Slide


Length: 24'6" (7.47 m)
Width: 21'6" (6.56 m)
Height: 18'6" (5.64 m)

Are you ready for the king of water slides?  These two slides are separated by a central ladder for easy entry and exit.  Have a race and see who will make it down first.  You will feel like you are riding a wave and at the bottom of the slide will splash into a compact pool.  

Dolphin Slide

Length: 25' 
Width: 11' 
Height: 16'

Feel like you are swimming with the dolphins as you slide down this NEW wild slide.  You will surf the wave as you splash into the curved landing zone!

Arch Slide

Length: 22' 
Width: 10'
Height: 13'

Are you ready for and arch of fun? Slide down this primary color arch slide into a pool of fun!

Surf the Wave


Length: 35'3" (10.75 m)
Width: 10'7" (3.23 m)
Height: 8'4" (2.54 m)

Anyone can ride the wave with this inflatable unit.  This duel lane slip and slide allows users to race down their lane and surf the wave! Catch the wave and have some fun!